Mass Movement presents….

Mass Movement presents Episode 19:- The Terror Is Real (Part 1 Interview with Mike Lewis No Devotion/Lostprophets)

August 15, 2020

Mass Movement Presents… Episode XIX: The Terror Is Real – In which our miserable, middle-aged malcontents get mad about keyboard warriors, chat about Ta-Nehsisi Coates run on ‘Captain America’, the new season of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ on Netflix, ‘The Old Guard’, Don Hahn’s ‘Howard’,  ‘Sputnik’, ‘Elstree ‘76’ , the new split album from Frank Turner and NOFX, the beers that have been floating their respective boats and take a deep dive into their world’s according to Sheer Terror.

And somewhere in the middle of all of that, they also spin tunes by Tired Radio, Piledriver and Divinity In Exile and Chris chats to Mike Lewis (ex-Public Disturbance / ex-Lost Prophets / No Devotion) about ‘90’s Hardcore and more…

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