Mass Movement presents….

Mass Movement presents Episode 30:- Escort or Fiesta? Knave or Club

June 5, 2021

Mass Movement Presents… Episode 30: Escort or Fiesta? Knave or Club? In which Mass Movement’s middle-aged malcontents shoot the breeze about the Falcon and Winter Soldier finale, Them, Without Remorse, Jupiter’s Legacy and Death Race 2000, sample some of Hepworth Breweries finest ales, go dungeon diving with a hack’n’slash punk rock D&D module and offer their theories about why you don’t find mucky books in the woods any more…. And somewhere in the middle of all that they also spin tunes by the Migraines, Sick Pig and Not Since The Accident as well as an exclusive preview from the new book by Marc Wasserman entitled Ska Boom, read by the man himself.

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